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Cook Kettle Press has humble beginnings starting back in the mid 1980's with the development of a packaging system for shipping audio and video cassettes as well as LP's and novels.

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Chandler and Price Old Style 1898

This press is the one in our feature move. Rescued from a basement in downtown Seattle WA. Evidence showed this was operating in Bellevue Washington during the great depression. From there traveled north to Kettle Creek WA where it operated in a newspaper office in the 60's. The grippers were shortened and is now in Duncan British Columbia.

10x15 Old Style C&P Treadle Operated

Picked this press up in Portland Oregon downtown. I bought the whole shop on that roadtrip. After the refit this went to Texas.

10x15 Old Style C&P Motor Driven

Another C&P dubbed "Millie" is working hard at

Pressed Paper in New Braunfels Texas wonderful hand made papers with printing services and workshops.

My 14 1/2 x 22 Chandler and Price

Lauren Elle DeGaine printing her project for her thesis.

14.5"x22" C&P Slow Operation

With a pulley system a fixed speed can be obtained. My press's drive shaft was shortened by a previous owner which fits the space. Drive should be on the opposite side.

10x15 C&P in Southern Idaho

Michelle Noakes traded for this 10x15. I litterally drove up a mountain goat trail of a driveway (in the snow) to retrieve. The trade a Pearl 11 went to Wildwood Calligraphy in Utah. Michelles cards I'm hoping will be avaliable through

The Galley

Printing on the 14.5x22 C&P

Lauren was an intern here at Cook Kettle Press

Variable speed by pulley's

This is a glimps of the 14.5x22 sped up by 4 more impressions a minute by increasing the drive pulley's diameter by 100%

8x12 C&P with Variable Speed

This press is at the International Printing Museum. Mark Barbour is demonstrating it's Variable Speed motor. DC current on the motor but the controller plugs into your 110 AC outlet. The cost is higher, convenient, decibel level about the same as the pulley system.