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We Are Up For The Challenge

This feature move is of a 122 year old 8x12 Chandler & Price.
From the pick up to the delivery. It was restored by Cook Kettle Press.

Up the stairs

dissassembled and into the shop for restoration.

Basement shops are a challenge and stairs over time may need maintenance before equipment can be safely moved. This one had to go through 3 doors before getting it into the carport.

Down the hill

to it's new home in the downstairs studio.

Some think moves are easier than they are. Saftey first. Rolling this one down the hill was fun. A bit of an incline towards the studio door.

A slow descent

I've had to do some 4x4ing to retrieve and deliver.

Don't break it

... Hmmm no one mentioned anything about a tile floor.

Quality First

Tile is all intact and it's ready to print.

The Galley

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