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Ludlow 7/8" Quads and 45 & 22 pica Comp sticks Roman and Italic . Please read on 4.45kg or 10 lbs 

As a letterpress person you know type, mats and equipment are heavy. Please read on before checking out.

When combing shipping this new platform (Wix) doesn't recognize a weight past (29kg or 66lbs). Please choose the appropriate weight of the combined products. This one being (4.45kg). The information can be found at checkout under shipping information. I must stress that the appropriate weight class must be used or a refund is all you'll get and someone else could have that product you need. If you require help. (Ask for a Quote) my other contact info is on the site.

Quotes and help available.

For Canadian customers there is the 4.98kg or 11lbs option of flat rate box in 3 sizes. FedEx upto 67.5kg or 150lbs

USA Customers I have FedEx upto 67.5kg or 150lbs as well as LTL freight. I can also send my company invoice through PayPal in real time conversion rates.

Global Shipping is available! (Ask for a Quote) or email me and we can go through PayPal using my company invoicing.

Ludlow 7/8" quads and comp sticks

SKU: 7/8Ludquad
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